Friday, February 26, 2010

Oatmeal Cookie ale (brew #40)

I planned to brew this batch a few months ago, but had to keep putting it off. Now that our son is a couple months old and his grandmother is visiting for a few days, tomorrow is my chance to finally get it done. This is one of the open-ended recipes from Radical Brewing, one of my favorite brewing books. More than just a collection of recipes, it's an entertaining tour of beer history and ingredients that really inspires you to start building your own recipes.

I adjusted the recipe to end up with more of a medium-strength beer rather than the strong one in the book. This recipe is centered on toasted oats, which I haven't done before. I toasted some Quaker quick oats in two batches on a large cookie sheet for about 20 minutes at 300 F. They smelled great, but didn't seem to really brown at all. I decided it would be better to under-toast them than burn them.

Oatmeal Cookie ale:
  • OG: 1.055
  • 28 IBU
  • 5.25 gallons
Grains & sugar:
  • 5.7 lbs Maris Otter pale malt (Thomas Fawcett)
  • 2.06 lbs Biscuit malt
  • 0.47 lbs Brown malt
  • 1.12 lbs Rolled oats (1 18 oz can of Quaker quick oats, toasted for 20 min. @ 300 F)
  • 1.0 lb Dark brown sugar
  • 0.4 oz Northern Brewer hop pellets (10.4% aa) @ 60 min
  • 0.5 oz Northern Brewer hop pellets (10.4% aa) @ 20 min
  • Wyeast 1028 London ale yeast
I am planning to mash this at 157 F, to keep it a little thicker even with the pound of sugar added. I'll report back in a few weeks once I see how this turns out.

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